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The West Highland White, International Site For Westies

Introducing Bobby & Scamp
Born 30 March 1998
Brothers of Bobby (1st)

Welcome to my website, established in 1998 as a hobby site for West Highland White guardians. With the help from visitors the site continues to provide a free information service, non commercial and nothing to sell you.

Originally produced and published on free websites like geocities.com (USA) and later Freeserve (UK) the site moved about a lot. Then in December 1999 this domain name was registered.

The site is produced in memory of Bobby(1st) who sadly passed away with an unknown illness, at that time while searching for answers, I soon realised there was very little information on Westie's, and so embarked on a mission.

What you see today has taken many years to produce, and research, polls, feedback forms, thousands of emails have all contributed to the sites contents. As the Westie's popularity grew, so did this site, and millions have visited from all corners of the world. I didn't need to tell anyone it was here, people soon found it...

Previously .co.uk was suppose to represented companies in the UK, However soon individuals like myself were able to purchase cheaply top lever domain extensions, and so today .com .net .co.uk and many others are used by people like myself purely as a hobby.

The site has become very popular, I have had many people email me to ask if I wish to sell it, I have had companies contact me to enquire on charges for advertisements, or to ask to promote their products, for some they find it hard to understand what a hobby is, and just wish to use the site to make money.. I don't...

If your a company please note that this is a hobby site, not a commercial venture, it was produced to help visitors, so please don't waste your time (And mine) in asking. Sure you see donation buttons and Google ads (which seam like a good idea at the time) but I don't sell anything on the site, and will not promote your product.

Hobbies can be expensive, if your someone who has taken up gardening, how much do you spend on fertilizer, seeds, digging equipment, while it would be much cheaper not to grow anything and buy from the shop, why do you do it then ?

Servers cost money, as do domain registrations, this is my hobby and I pay to enjoy it, enough said ?

Update 21/04/ 2008
Moved server AGAIN ! if your looking for a host, never use f a s t h o s t s  uk, the are rubbish, no support, fault system, and I had enough of them and have moved my sites to a USA server. That means some pages may not be uploaded, or give an error, if you have a problem, please let me know

P.S bobby & Scamp are now 10 years young ! would you believe that ?. This site has been running since 1998, and I update it regular, be and the boys need a holiday don't your think ?

Update October 2010
He didn't stand a chance, despite having no side effect to the chemotherapy, on 15 June 2009 Scamp became very ill. Monday morning he drank a lot of water, then was just laying around the house, then laying under a tree in the garden, and we new he was very un-well, we rushed him to the vet who had been treating him, who gave some metacalm and antibiotics, that's all !

By 10:00Pm Monday night we had to do more, so rushed him to an emergency vet who put him on a antibiotic drip through the night, but he didn't recover, and passed away at around Tuesday 1:30 - 2:00PM

So sad, We had Scamp and Bobby since 8 weeks old, they grew up together, went everywhere together, eat and slept together. He did have a good life, went visiting Wales and the seaside regular, climbed mountains, went for a walk in the sun, rain and snow.

Scamp was a loving dog, never once growled at anyone, teased Bobby to get a him off the sofa and the warm spot. Its been over a year now, Bobby is very well and still plays like a pup, I know that one day we will loose him too, then that will be the last paragraph on this site.

Update 26 February 2014

Sad to say Bobby is no longer with us, this site was created at the loss of Bobby(1st) and has survived over 16 years while our two boys lived on.

The last 7 months Bobby had changed, he slept most of the day, had to use a floor lift to go upstairs, and the last 2 months couldn't travel in the car.

We finally said goodbye to him at 9:00am on Wednesday 26 February 2014, at the age of 16, perhaps in time this site will just fade and disappear, we will never have another pet.

I wanted to say that Bobby had a good life, he went EVERYWHERE, visiting Blackpool, the steam trains at Chaiswater, Llangollen, many visits to the beach, camping many times, visiting my son in Tonypandy, he went everywhere. We didn't go anywhere where he couldn't go.

The last few days have go so fast, here walking around the garden at night, 2 days later gone.

If your thinking of getting a pet! DON'T! while they will give you their love and attention, companionship, the pain is hi when they leave us.

Goodbye Bobby, hope you see your brother Scamp one more !

This site is dedicated to Bobby(1St) Who sadly passed away June 1998
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