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Going on holiday or away for the weekend? What's happening to your Westie? It's very easy to forget them in the hustle and bustle of planning a trip. Advance planning is the key.
Kennels and catteries

One of the ways to make sure your Westie will get care is to board it at a reputable kennel. Visit several of these establishments in advance so you can see for yourself what they are like. You can find them by asking your vet, contacting your local council or by asking the RSPCA (ASPCA) if any of its local animal centers take boarders.

If you are holidaying in this country you may be able to take your pet with you. Pet's Welcome, a book available from most newsagents, lists holiday accommodation where you and your pet can feel at home. Dogs can become sick and distressed during long journeys. Ask your vet for advice on tranquillizers. You could also try and get your Westie used to the car before the journey takes place. Your Westie will need regular stops for exercise and water. Animals should not be left in cars on warm or sunny days ? they could die. Your pet should also have an identity disk giving your holiday address.
Friendly care

If friends offer to take care of your animals while you are away make sure they understand what is involved ? will your pet be welcomed by all members of the friend's family and will it get on well with other pets?  The best thing would be if a friend or relative could come and stay in your absence.

I would like to add, that I NEVER leave our dogs with anyone, if we go on holiday THEY go too. If they cannot go, then neither can we, Bobby & Scamp are very much part of our family.