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All West Highland Terriers Need to chew.
Puppies and young Westie's need something with resistance to chew while the teeth and jaws are developing. Like they're food there is and industry geared up with a multitude of toys and products designed to help the dog maintain a good set of teeth.

Read any good book and the word Nylabon (R) always pops up. Chose one of they're products, confident that they will fulfil the pups and adult dogs needs. Below are examples of these products, that your pet will love to play with. And at the same time help him keep his teeth in good condition.

There are also a large number of other toys available from squeaky ducks to Ball's, Be careful when selecting one of these products that they have been design especially for the age of your dog. Children's toys will not be suitable, as a dog may chew off an nose or a push in eye, and swallow it.

Even the best designed toys for children can be reduced to shreds by a strong young pup. Make sure that any ball you buy is large enough so the dog cannot get it stuck in its throat




The Hercules is a dental device made from very strong polyurethane. As well as helping to keep the dogs teeth in good condition, it also serves as a pacifier.



Raised dental tips


The raised dental tips on each bone helps control plaque in the Westie's teeth.





Pooch Pacifier Hard bones are much better than soft bones for Westie's. These Nylabones(R) have been proven to be safe for many years. They have been designed so that they break down in the stomach fluids and pass through without effect. The toughness of the nylon provides strong chewing resistance. and provides good jaw exercise, and aids teething.

Germs cannot grow on the nylon which is inert. The bone can be washed or sterilised in boiling water.

The bone is frizzled by the dog creating a toothbrush type surface that cleans the teeth and gums.

They are also available impregnated with chocolate. Yummy... Bobby & Scamp Love them


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