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Training Your Westie, Pups learning not to fight

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Pups should learn by 4 months old not to bite, from their mother, litter mates etc, however most pups are taken away from that environment before they have had a chance to learn. Therefore it is then up to us to continue this training by allowing pups to socialize with other puppies.

Pups will roll, tumble and play with each other, and will bite each other on every part of the body, this is where they would learn to control themselves because if they are too rough they will see how the other puppies react.

You cant teach puppies this, they need to learn from their own experiences.

Bobby and Scamp have always play fight, right from 8 weeks old, now 7 years old they still play fight. However now and then one gets a bit too rough and may "Yelp" this then shocks the other, and they quickly stop and make a fuss of each other.

If an adult dog has spent his life alone, and has not learned these instincts, they become set in their ways. Normally an old dog becomes "Young again" when a pup comes along...

Other things to consider is when both dogs are of the same gender, when one dog is shown more attention than the other, when one feeding bowl is used, when one water bowl is used, when one bed is better than the other, or the older dog has used something long before the other came along.