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Types Of Teeth
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Types of teeth

Fangs, Count Dracula had them !, Your Westie has them also. Canine teeth were used to grab and rip they're prey, Today you will mostly see your Westie use them to hold toys in they're mouth. But make no mistake they can be used to defend themselves when necessary. 2 of these Canine (Fangs) teeth on the upper and lower Total of 4

Premolars, There are 4 of these each side (8) of the upper and lower jaws in the back of the mouth, Total 16, these were are used to rip chunks of flesh from prey, Westie's will still use these teeth to chew on toys and your shoes (If you let them)

Molars, These are crushing teeth, used by they're ancestors to crack bones, used today to crunch those really hard biscuits. There are 4 of these in the top jaw and 6 in the bottom. Total 10 Two of the molars in the upper and lower jaws are larger than the rest of the teeth, these are called carnassial teeth.

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