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Welcome Visitor to the international site visitors book. Site established in 1998, This is a new book with entries dating from 2003. Why not sign the guestbook and let us know you were here. There is also a community forum where you can meet other Westie guardians from around the world.

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Poster John male

Post Date Sun 1 Mar 2015, 11:44am

Hi All, sadly this site is closing very soon, after the loss of Bobby and Scamp, I dont have the heart to carry it on.

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Poster linda female

Post Date Tue 9 Sep 2014, 10:39am

It was raining today.There is no meaning to my post

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Poster John male

Post Date Tue 20 May 2014, 12:52pm

Please visit the forum for all questions, this is a visitors guest book!

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http://www.westhighlandwhite.org/forum/ Exclaim

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Poster Molly female

Post Date Mon 19 May 2014, 23:24pm

Hiya, im totally new to anything like this so I hope I make sense and have done it right! So here goes.....Basically I have a lovely Westie called Molly and shes 9 years old. Ive had her from a teeny tiny puppy and shes been my baby for all these years. Shes had health issues from a puppy having had operations to remove growths from her jaw and shes had some minor skin problems. Two years ago she had problems with her back legs and after xrays we were told she had problems with the bottom half of her spin which was affecting her hips I want to say hip dysplasia or something. Anyway, after a course of steroids and pain meds she seemed to improve very much and we have had few problems for the two years since...until about 4 weeks ago. It seemed to happen overnight and she just doesnt seem to be able to walk in a straight line, she leans to the side and almost drags her back legs. She sometimes falls over and stuggles to get in and out of the door. We have wooden flooring so we had carpets fitted so she wasnt struggling on the slippy surface and this seemed to make her a little happier. However, things have got really bad and shes currently on the following medicantion :25mg Tramadol 3 x a day100mg Oxycare 3 x a day400mg of glucosamine 1 x a day7.5mg of Prednicare 1 x a day200mg of Gabapentin 2 x a dayShe does seem to have moments in the day when she is happy and goes with me up the garden but other times I have to lift her out the door and onto the grass to go to the loo. Shes still drinking and eating. How long do I go on with this? She doesnt seem to be in pain but isnt a moaning dog unlike my other who cries at the slightest thing!! so how do I know when shes had enough? Its ripping me to bits, I cant think about anything else. The vet wants her to have an MRI but after such hefty insurance payouts I struggled to find affordable per insurance so decided that I would pay as and when shes needed it. In the past 4 weeks ive spent 100s on medication and they have told me the MRI will be about 2000!!!! I dont want to put a price on my babys life but I just dont have that sort of money and im not even sure if it will tell me anymore than the xrays. Im sorry to ramble on but please, if you have had a similar experience, can you tell me what to expect next, if indeed there is anything I could try. Do I keep her drugged up and struggling? Is it kinder for her to let her go? Is there something else I could try? Thank you in advance for your reply. Samantha x

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Poster Ashleen female

Post Date Thu 5 Dec 2013, 22:06pm

Were on a breeders list and hope to be getting our first Westie next summer. Im trying to do my homework .... I know Westies arent bathed often, and my question is about what to do when Westie is camping and gets her feet muddy from crossing shallow streams. Just dry her when we get back to camp and use the cornstarch, or ???

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Come along to our forum http://www.westhighlandwhite.org/forum/

A little water to clean will be fine, but keep an eye out for grass seeds etc

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Poster maureen m ryan female

Post Date Mon 14 Oct 2013, 16:16pm

Hi, just found this westie site, hopefully I can get some help with our rescue westie called bonnie. we were very lucky to get her from the rspca, back in October 2011. a real sweetie, but just this summer showing signs of skin irritation and allergies. maybe some tips etc, specially kibble to buy....any ideas I wonder?

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Come visit our forum, love to have you there
http://www.westhighlandwhite.org/forum/index.php Love

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Poster Dido female

Post Date Tue 18 Jun 2013, 22:17pm

My little Westie is called Mia and she is 21 months. We also have a Border Collie 4 years old and they are soul mates. Mia is nicknamed the West Highland Terrorist.

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Poster Margaret female

Post Date Tue 29 Jan 2013, 20:09pm

Hi all I have little westie who will be 3 on 31st January called Bobby

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Bobby Says Hello To Bobby.. Woof Woof Hail

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Poster Janice female

Post Date Tue 1 Jan 2013, 19:46pm

We have two Westies. Our first Shirley was not quite a rescue but more a repo from an acquaintance, and she is the reason we love the breed......a perfect pooch now 6.5 yrs old and with us 24/7 for the past 4.5 yrs. Our second Westie Katie is now 4 months old, and has been a bit of a challenge with potty training but coming along nicely. They play together perfectly, and that was one of the reasons for getting a second dog......my potty training challenges were partially compounded by the fact that we live in the mountains of Calif., and with lots of snow and ice, no fenced yard, the night time jaunts were not comfy for me and her. Looking forward to joining the forum for advice and discussions on this lovely breed. Thanks for being there.

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Poster Melanie female

Post Date Thu 22 Nov 2012, 21:57pm

Glad to find likd minded folks when it comes to wonderful Westies! Thomas is our 5th over 25 years.

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