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Show Westie's will be hand stripped but this is not always possible either because the texture of the coat does not suit this method or the dog will not have any tolerance to his hair plucked out.


How often you need to cut the coat right back will depending on the texture of the coat and your local weather conditions. Your Westie may need his/her first cut around 11 months old, if the weather is cold, you can wait until it gets warmer. You can keep a Westie's coat reasonable, without cutting it right back, just use a thinning scissors.

  • 1 Thinning scissors 2 Ordinary scissors 3 Electric clippers
  • Groin: Clip this area with No 10
  • Pads: Clip this area with No 10 Clip out any excess hair from under the pads
  • Body: Using the No 5, start from behind the ears and clip down the entire back in a straight line, finishing about 1/2 in (12mm) from bottom of the tail. Go back to behind the ear and clip down and around the neck. Following the lie of the coat, clip the chest down to the breastbone. Clip down towards the ribs, gliding the clippers off the coat halfway down to leave the longer hair of the skirt. Blend the hair on the fore chest into the body hair with thinning scissors. Neaten the skirt at the desired length. Legs and feet: Scissors the hair around the feet to make them neat. Taper the leg feathering gradually down towards the feet. 
  • Tail: The tail should resemble an inverted carrot. Trim the hair short on the underside, taper towards the top.
  • Head: Never clip a Westie's head use ordinary scissors or thinning scissors

Use No 10 to clip away hair from the groin area

Use No 10, clip out any hair from between the pads

Still using No 10, Clip just the top half of the ears Inside and out.

Use No 5, Start from behind the ears and clip down the entire back finish 1/2 in (12mm) from tail root

Go back to behind the ear and clip downwards and around the neck

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The lie of the coat changes direction in this area, follow it with the clippers

Clip down towards the ribs, Gradually lift off the clippers half way down.
Leaving the skirt long to be scissors later

Use scissors to trim skirt hair

Use thinning scissors to blend fore chest hair with the clipped body hair.

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Lift each foot and remove any excess hair from around the feet

Taper the leg feathering to blend with the hair on the feet

Trim the hair on the underside of the tail short leaving it wide at the base and taper towards the tip

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Using your fingers pluck away any unwanted spiky hair from the inner corners and under eyes

Work with the scissors from behind the ears, trim the neck and head hair. Scissors downwards

Never clip a Westies head. Try to achieve a rounded effect

Neaten the hair under the chin

Scissors the hair across the eyebrows using a thinning scissors

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