Dew Claw


West Highland White, Feet

It is important to look after your Westie's feet. Feet should be kept clean, always remember to wash the feet when you bath your dog. Clean around the paw area and the claws, take a good look at them when they are clean to make sure there are no cuts, or build up of hair.

E45 Cream for cracking, twice daily
E45 is good for softening, try applying at least twice daily, but distract your dog for 10 15 minutes afterwards to avoid it being licked straight off.

The skin of the pads is in fact dead keratin so only heals as the pad tissue beneath grows through, which takes time. You'll need to be careful - not too much exercise or wet/dry/wet conditions for a few weeks whilst this takes place. Adding extra vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to the diet may help.

You should also be aware that this may reflect an underlying disease or nutritional problem.