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Feeding instructions:
On most every bag and most cans of pet foods. These guidelines give the recommended amount to be fed based on growth level and weight. These are very rough guidelines. Every animal has a different level of activity, metabolism.

Best food to give ?
One of the most common questions is what is the best pet food to give? I can honestly say that there isn?t one. The very fact that there is so many types and brands on the market shows that there are hundreds of options and opinions.

My advice is play it safe, and give good quality human food, if its good enough for you, then it should be good enough for your Westie. (But not always) :) some of the things I eat, I would never give to Bobby or Scamp.... But you know what I mean.

Human food, is not really people food, this makes it sound like only humans are entitled to fresh foods. However you know what I mean when I say human food, unlike food unfit for humans.

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