Wax Treatment
Floppy Ears



West Highland White, Ears Cleaning

Gently clean with a cotton tipped cotton balls, work well around the entrance to the ear canal.

Don't put any pressure inside the ear, if you cant see anything, then don't go deeper.

Hydrogen peroxide, which is sometimes recommended, should be avoided if excess moisture is a problem. Take note of any materials in and around the ear canal, particularly excess wax. A dark wax may be a sign of ear mites, while a pus-like, foul smelling discharge may be coming from an infection.

Infections can result from yeast or bacteria that thrive in the canals because of the near-perfect conditions;

  • Moisture
  • Poor air circulation
  • Warmth
  • Darkness

Remember an allergy can be anywhere on the skin but sometimes it is manifested and most noticeable, in the feet and in the ears.