Wax Treatment
Floppy Ears


West Highland White, Ears

When it comes to ears, there are really just two kinds of dog owners:

  • The ones who are vaguely aware that dogs ears are deep, dark, moist and mysterious places.
  • The ones whose dogs require constant ear maintenance, and the owners are forever poking around inside.

Take a few moments from time to time between your regular checkups with the vet to examine your dog's ears and do a light cleaning, but don't go thinking your a vet, and know exactly what your doing... you don't !  :)-

When it comes to ears and eye's it is best to take your Westie to a vet, the amount you spend now, may well be fractional compared to what you may have to spend if your Westie develops a serious ear problem.

I hate paying vet fee's, however its part of the package :) Invest in your Westie's heath