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Day one

Wednesday 11.01.2006

Had a sleepless night, kept checking mum and pups to make sure they were ok. I managed 2 hours sleep. I woke up around 7.30 a.m to the sound of pups suckling away. Loulou was fast asleep. Loulou spent the whole day with the pups in their nest. Offered Loulou some food but she refused. I guess the placenta's she ate were enough to keep her going. Put some water down for her but still she did not seem interested. Tried her with water from a cup and she happily drank it. (Cheeky madam)
Day two
Thursday 12.01.2006
Slept much better last night, still I woke up a few times to check on mum and pups. Mum and pups are doing fine. Pups are feeding around every 3 hours or so. Tried Loulou with some food for which she happily ate. Loulou spent best part of the day with her pups, she really only came out to go outside to do her business and have a nose around.
Day three
Friday 13.01.2006
Woke up to the sound of puppies squeaking like mad, at first I was worried as I thought something was wrong. Luckily they were just hungry. Loulou's appetite is much better today, she had 3 good meals. Daddy Bruce had a little peak at the pups, Loulou was not impressed and gave him a growl to worn him off. Although Loulou will not let Bruce near the pups, she has found a little time today to spend with Bruce which really made his day.