Splish Splash I was taking a bath, Loved by many hated by some.

When  you  first  bath  your   puppy  make  sure  the house   is   warm.   Puppies can lose body temperature quickly.
Use a very mild shampoo that  was  designed for  babies. Remember The pup has to be at least 12 Weeks old before a flea shampoo can be used.
I always leave the head to last by this time the pup has adjusted to his experience. If he has a skin problem  see  a vet  immediately. Towel dry him as quickly as possible then use a hair drier, set on its lowest setting. Avoid getting any soap in his eyes, and try to keep the water out of his ears. If necessary put cotton wool plugs in its ears.
Unless he has been rolling in something he should not have, Pup's should not be bathed too often. Every 3 months or so is plenty. Any surface dirt can be left to dry and brushed out, without the need for a bath

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